What You'll Find Here

Substance Abuse Treatment

  • Assessment
  • Referral
  • Group & Individual Therapy
  • Alcohol & Drug Education
  • Individualized plans
  • Sliding fee schedule.


Sober Sunday Sports:  Food, fun & fellowship.  Searning to socilize without booxe of drugs is an integral part of recovery.  Have some fun.

Sober Cinema:  A series of filmes designed to entertain & inform

Drop In Time:  Our facility provides a safe and welcoming environment for reading, studying, surfing the web or just relaxing

Basic Finace Class:  Teaching recovering people life skills like basic household budgeting & money management skills (like how to balance a checkbook)  is part of our mission.

Success Training:  How to find a job, dressing for the interview, filling out the application or creating a resume

Special Events

We provide a number of "Special Events" throughout the year to encourage community involvement and create opportunities for our clients to grow into productive citizens.  See the Calendar for dates, times & locations